What I Offer


What I Offer


1: graphic facilitation + recording

The role of the graphic facilitator is to capture essential content during your meeting through the use of hand-drawn words and imagery. Visual facilitation supports greater participant engagement, planning and understanding of complex content through this real-time synthesis of information. Participants can see the conversation taking shape!

Graphic facilitators shine a light on the insights of any group.  Because graphic recording and facilitation make it easy for participants to engage with big ideas, see connections, and make decisions more quickly, they can leave the conversation ready to act and collaborate.



Sketchnoting, similar to graphic recording, is real-time capture of essential content being presented, shared, or discussed. Sketchnotes are typically smaller-scale images and are primarily shared after an event, such as a webinar, conference, or presentation. Sketchnotes make engaging and useful follow-up material to help boost learning.