b. 1986, HK.


Hope Tyson is a visual thinker born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. Her work in community engagement, capacity building and training, human-centered design and visual thinking has led her around the world from Peru to Zambia to Bangladesh. An activist focused on gender equity, Hope is committed to increasing access to freedom and power for all. She lives in North Carolina and works in Spanish and English.


  • William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations
  • inroads 
  • IntraHealth International's SwitchPoint conference
  • The Innovation Project
  • Duke University Service-Learning 
  • Duke University Science and Society - Science Policy Tracking Program
  • Duke University Career Center
  • University of North Carolina -  Energy Services Department
  • The North Carolina CEO Forum
  • Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA)
  • El Pueblo
  • RESURJ, a global alliance of feminists under 40
  • North Carolina United Methodist Conference
  • + more